Capri skyline


The Isle of Capri has two municipal areas: Capri town and Anacapri.

Capri town is home to the famed "Piazzetta" and the nearby Via Camerelle, both lined with high-end boutiques, fashionable cafés, luxury hotels, and nightclubs. This is where celebrities from across the globe come to see and be seen by day and by night. The island's main church, the Cathedral of Santo Stefano with its famed bell tower, is also located here. Capri Town includes also the two Marina areas: Marina Grande (main harbour) and Marina Piccola .

The other island town is Anacapri, which sits on the high inland hills at the foot of Monte Solaro. There are no beaches there, but below the town there are the rocky coastlines of the Punta Carena lighthouse and Gradola, near the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), where beach clubs have been set up. Anacapri has a delightful historic center, largely pedestrian, where there are excellent restaurants for sampling Neapolitan specialties.

The Grand Hotel Quisisana,that is the EFC23 conference center, is located in Capri town Center.
Here you have a complete list of hotels where you can check availability and prices for your stay in Capri divided by main areas
> Capri town Center
> Marina Grande (Port)
> Marina Piccola
> Anacapri.

HOTEL CAPRI CENTER (walking distance from the Conference Center)
5 stars
Hotel Capri Tiberio Palace
Hotel La Scalinatella
Hotel Casa Morgano

4 stars
Hotel Gatto Bianco
Hotel Villa Sanfelice
Hotel Regina Cristina
Hotel Sina Flora
Hotel La Residenza
Hotel Luna
Hotel Syrene
Hotel La Floridiana
Hotel Canasta
Hotel La Minerva
Hotel La Vega

3 stars
Hotel La Prora
Villa Helios
Villa Sarah

Bed and Breakfast
Fuorlovado 40
Capri Dolce Vita
Casa Malua
Piazzetta Diefenbach

MARINA GRANDE (10mn by taxi,bus or cablecar)
Hotel Villa Marina (5 stars)
Hotel JK Place (5 stars)
Hotel Palatium Mari (3 stars)

MARINA PICCOLA (5mn by taxi,bus or cablecar)
Hotel della Marina Piccola (4 stars)
Hotel Weber Ambassador (4 stars)

ANACAPRI (20mn by taxi,bus or cablecar)
Hotel Caesar Augustus (5 stars)
Hotel Capri Palace Jumeirah (5 stars)
Hotel San Michele (4 stars)
Hotel Il Mulino (3 stars)

You could also book hotels in Capri through or other hotel booking websites. In these cases we invite you checking the terms & conditions of the booking because on some booking platforms, sometimes you have to pay in full at the time of booking (non-refundable & non-transferrable.) to join special rates.